ICT Lab has sufficient number of computers and 24 hours internet access. It has facilities for giving video lessons on various topics.

Science Laboratories

Our college has a fully equipped science laboratory. We have 2 different laboratories for conducting Natural Science & Physical Science experiments

Language Laboratory

A well set Language help students to learn the Phonetics of language accurately.

Music Room

Students talented in fine arts desirous of developing their musical talents can make use of the music room in the college and few instruments are available there.

SUPW Workshop

All the facilities for conducting classes in food preservation and canning, tailoring and embroidery, fabric painting, craft works, book binding, gardening etc, are made available in the S.U.P.W. workshop.

Educational Technology Laboratory

Technology lab is equipped with all the modern audio visual aids like LCD projector , slide projectors, Digital cameras, Video camera, O.H.P Computers, Projection screens, Public Address Systems, V.C.P, Home theatre etc.


The Institution is having a large library with a total carpet area spreading of 339 square metre and an attached reading room with 100square mtre. There are about 21,262 books on various subjects which include 1500 reference books and 1800 text books. The Institution library subscribes around 20 journals including vernacular, English and International Journals.

Periodical Section

  • Periodicals will not be allowed to be taken out of the library. They can be consulted in the library room during which the library remains open.
  • Readers should enter their names and details of the periodicals consulted in the Periodical Issue Register. Before leaving the readers must replace the periodicals properly in the periodical Rack

Career Corner

A career corner is being maintained in the library. Reference sources and study materials are available for course guidance and career guidance at the career corner of the library.

Internet, E-mail Centre

Internet, E-mail facility is available in the library besides the ICT lab.

Procedures and Policies

Procedures and Policies for maintaining and utilizing physical

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