S.N.M. Training College is owned by Hindu Matha Dharma Paripalana Sabha a voluntary organization formed in 1882 by the spirited youth of backward Ezhava Community in the Vadakkekara region under the guidance of Ashtavadhani Parisudha Vishista Paranatha Khanadana Venkatagiri Sasthikal an Andhrite theologist who pioneered Hindu Matha Parishath Movement, with an aim of promoting vigorous campaign for social justice and liberation form social bondage.

Office Bearers of the H.M.D.P.Sabha

President, HMDP Sabha

E. P. Santhosh

Mob: 9446666118

E-mail: president@hmdpsabha.org

Secretary, HMDP Sabha


Mob: 9446218567

E-mail: secretaryhmdpsabha@gmail.com

Manager, SNM Training College

Prof.(Dr.)V. R. PRAKASAM

Mob: 9496996894

E-mail: prakasamvr@gmail.com

Other Institutions Managed by H.M.D.P.Sabha

  • SNM Institute of Management and technology (SNMIMT), Maliankara
  • SNM Arts & Science College, Maliankara
  • SNM Teachers Training Institute (SNMTTI), Moothakunnam
  • SNM Higher Secondary School (SNMHSS), Moothakunnam
  • SNM Industrial Training Centre (SNMITC), Moothakunnam
  • T SNM Lower Primary School, Maliankara
  • SNM Kinder Garten & Play School

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